SEMICON TOOLS offers a wide range of thickness', exposures, and grit selections to precisely suit your dicing requirements.

SEMICON TOOLS advanced propiertary manufacturing process enhances diamond exposure on both sides of the blade's cutting-edge giving you a smoother cut, less chipping, and a smaller kerf tolerance. It also results in less dressing and most important a longer lasting blade.

Our manufacturing process is so carefully monitored that each blade is guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

SEMICON TOOLS' other advantages...

This 500x photograph shows the uniform concentration of diamonds which is identical throughout the blade.

Hub Nickel Alloy Bonded Diamond Dicing Blades

Hubless Nickel Alloy Diamond Dicing Blades

Resin Diamond Blades

What is the Correct Blade for Your Application?

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