Blade Changing Is Simple

1. Dismount blade flange
assembly from saw arbor. To seperate flange insert pins of supplied tool into
locating holes on flange.
2. Press tool and center
flange ring together.
Flange will pop apart.
3. Clean flange surfaces, place flat sides down (o-ring up)
4. Wetting dicing blade provides surface tension, helping to hold blade in place. 5.Place blade over ring and align. 6. Evenly place other side of flange against blade, press down to snap closed.
7. Mount dicing assembly on saw, o-ring against arbor flange. Tighten spindle nut.

Blade changing procedure remains the same when mounting a new blade on the largest flange. Before dismounting a worn blade for re-use on the next smaller flange, break off the remaining exposure, then proceed to remount on the smaller flange and redress.

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