for hubbed or free-standing dicing blades.
Standard Sizes
Dressing Stones

3” x 3” x .040” Thickness
3” x 3” x .080” Thickness
6” x 6” x .040” Thickness
6” x 6” x .080” Thickness
Other Sizes Available on Request

Ideal For Wax Mounting Materials To Be Diced

*Replaces gIass - Blade can be damaged by glass in certain applications.

*Replaces Graphite - Better than mounting on graphite as it is cleaner
and displays no Electro Static Discharge.

Suggested Procedure for Dressing and Conditioning
The following procedure is recommended for all STI metal plated wheels, (hubbed or hubless) regardless of application, (Exclude 2 micron blade).  A new dicing wheel (hubbed or hubless) requires dressing in order to optimize performance.

Recommended dressing parameters:

  1. Material: silicon carbide in phelolic dressing block
  2. Spindle Speed: 25,000 - 30,000 RPM.
  3. Cut Depth: Dressing depth should be at least four mils deeper than intended depth of cut.
  4. Cut Spacing: Index spacing between dressing cuts should be at least the blade thickness plus .006".
  5. Cut Speed and Increments: (Feed or Table Speed) see instructions in hub or hubless pages.

Note: Using properly dressed dicing wheels will exhibit less chiping & increase blade life. Some materials may require changes. Check factory.

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