For faster, more efficient dicing work.

Wax Holding Medium

Mounting processed wafers or substrates of ceramic/glass prior to dicing couldn't be easier with SEMICON TOOLS wax holding medium. Pre-cut in 3", 4", and 5" squares and circles to handle the most common sizes, SEMICON TOOLS has eliminated the mess and guesswork on how much wax to use for uniform coverage and adhesion. Simply select the wax sheet size that fits your wafers (scissors can quickly trim if needed), sandwich the wax sheet between the wafer and holding carrier, heat to about 140 for part #00-140F and 190 for part #WH-SAND-190F, (it sets in seconds) and you're ready to dice in no time at all. Standard solvents quickly separate the diced circuits, readying the holding carrier for the next wafer.

This hard, low-melting wax media gives you rigid, self-leveling, parallel mounting, with minimal loading. It also acts as a bridge to avoid cutting into the holding carrier.

*Also available in stick form.

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